My Reflection, mediation career

Little did I know in the near past that I will create @dialogue.den for Conflict Management and Mediation services.

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Today when I recall, it takes me back to the year 2016 & before…

After climbing academic steps for more than 15+ years… I had reached to completion of degree courses which had 2 graduation courses, 1 professional membership and a few long-months internships.

At this juncture, I earned my first full-time job as a Company Secretary & Legal Head in a manufacturing company.

Then, I had known very little of the existence of a mediation career, except for gaining brief theoretical understanding in bachelor of the laws degree program and witnessing family mediation cases in family courts during law firm internships.

I recall today, three practices which brought me closer to knowing myself in a mediation career were:

(1) Attending family court for family mediation cases during my internship at a law firm… (which put me in deeper thoughts over conflict resolution process & I found myself researching for days over the whole concept of addressing conflicts.)

(2) Drafting contracts which had a dispute resolution clause with words like Arbitration, Mediation & Litigation.. (which took me to learn about the procedural practice of dispute resolution from a lawyers perspective or say from a legal aspect of a company.)

(3) Addressing daily conflicts at work & home, with an intention to find a solution… (which I mostly found myself working out solutions or trying to find options to work it out… all of which helped me reflect on my ability to develop problem-solving skills).

Yes. That’s a little from my storyboard.

What’s your mediation career story? Have you had any reflections over your skills, practices, interests which brought you closer to the concept of mediation or your mediation career? Do share in comments 🙂 .. I am sure it will be a guiding light to many young aspiring mediators exploring their own interests the field of conflict resolution or mediation..

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