hello, Indian mummy!

Mummy asks – “how are you today Amee?”

Amee replies with her own bag full of irritation – “Mental. & whattt??? how can you ask that? like why would you?? you already know! I am going mad.”Mummy says – “Relaxe my daughter.”

Amee replies – “K.” (like ok bye, talk later.) __(next moment in a matter of a very few seconds.)

Mummy sends a screenshot of her flight ticket, travelling to Bangalore in 20 hours from now.

Amee replies – “K.” (this time, to self.) __ 😕 kese yaar mummy. Relax bhi bola.

Flight bhi book karliya. dilemma is this? or care? or just mom – but Indian.

Welcoming mummy, so I can look at her – when the doctor asks “ok so tell me how do you feel.” & then Mummy replying the doctor by “I keep telling her to eat vegetables but she just doesn’t listen to me, now only can you tell her.”

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