zindagi nahi, sirf nazariya badal kar toh dekho

About Conflicts & Conflict Management and or Mediation, all the learning begins from home, no?

the non-believer in me decided to pray, yesterday night, pray for silence filled calm environment the next morning, so I could write.

woke up to hearing loud funny arguments Mom was extending to her mom in the kitchen.

heart: — a big big sigh —
mind: — Amee, don’t you write on conflict management, people problem, problem-solving etc???? —

Amee, oh. walks along with her pen & book to the dining —- ——– instead of getting angry with usual door slamming to express intolerance. #change

#life zindagi nahi, sirf nazariya badal kar toh dekho aas paas, content hi content he. #writer#prayer worked, I could write.

And, I am realising how being a mediator or a conflict managing person, is about being a personality. you be. start from your room. #personality#mediators#problemsolver

#humour alert.

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