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Underlying Intention:

This section of “A Thousand Mediation Fails” presents a collection of situations in which mediation has failed. We could begin by stating reasons like:

  1. It failed because one party didn’t opt for mediation.
  2. It failed because one party opted for mediation, but the other party didn’t consider themselves worthy enough to accept the invitation to mediate.
  3. It failed because the parties didn’t consent to meet.
  4. It failed because the parties consented to meet but didn’t actually gather.
  5. It failed because the parties gathered but couldn’t reach an agreement.
  6. It failed because the parties couldn’t accept the agreements that arose after gathering. ……. and many more such reasons. 

These failures could occur in a spontaneous instant, or within hours, days, weeks, or even months—before, during, or after the mediation process has commenced. Failures could also manifest after an agreement or settlement has been reached. Sometimes, a person who initially agreed to a settlement in mediation might pass away. As the journey of life continues, these failures persist and take newer shape and form. 

Welcome the word “Fail” as it is:

How often have we truly applied the wisdom our elders imparted: “There are no failures, only lessons?” The title of this section, “Fails,” is chosen mindfully because:

  • Like an arrow and bow, for an arrow to move smoothly forward, it must first be pulled back correctly and precisely. This can cause discomfort, and it asks for substantial effort. 
  • If we don’t recognize what’s wrong, how can we identify what’s right?

When I decided to refer to myself as a “Pacifist,” it was also an acknowledgment of the existence of “Violence.” Without violence, there would be no pursuit of peace. It would all remain the same; on an equilibrium, maybe? Hence, similarly, without failures, there would be no pursuit of lessons. 

In the realm of mediation, it is my personal opinion that we’ve often excused mediation failures by attributing them to mediation being a “new” approach. But have you truly considered whether mediation is new? Ponder this thought deeply. Mediation is one of the oldest known methods of human interaction.

Path further:

Embarking on a journey through “A Thousand Mediation Fails,” we set out on a path of introspection and comprehension. As you proceed to peruse the diverse scenarios provided, bear in mind that this section serves in two-folds:

1. Raw Situations of Failure:

Firstly, it lays out the unadorned instances where mediation failed. These glimpses into disappointment offer insights into the intricacies of human interaction, where even the best intentions can waver. As you read through these situations, contemplate the many factors contributing to these failures. It’s a candid exploration that encourages empathy and acknowledgment of the challenges that come with mediation, as it is

2. Interpretation and Solutions:

Secondly, this collection acts as a workshop for the mind, where we step into the roles of interpreters and problem solvers. The failures captured in these pages aren’t just stories; they represent opportunities for learning and personal development. View each failure as a puzzle waiting to be solved, or a challenge seeking resolution. As you reflect on these narratives, consider how different approaches, changes in perspective, or new techniques could potentially mend the challenges that led to mediation failures.

So, dear reader, embark on this journey with an open heart and an inquisitive mind. Read, enjoy, and allow the experiences of “A Thousand Mediation Fails” to ignite your thoughts. As you turn the pages (or say, click on the links here), let the failures resonate, let the interpretations inspire, and let the solutions fuel your imagination. In the domain of mediation, as in life, it’s often by understanding our failures that we will find our way forward.

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