Hello, and Namaste!

Hello, a warm greeting to my reader here! I am Amee. I was born in Gadag, a city in North Karnataka. I completed my schooling in its neighbouring city, Hubli. Post my secondary education i.e. 10th standard, I have enjoyed the travelling and living opportunities in various cities. I have lived in 7 cities to date: Hubli, Koppal, Mangalore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Vadodara, and lived two years of my life in Hong Kong. Thanks to my travelling, I now speak 6 languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Kutchi, Gujarati, Marathi. I am closely acquainted with the South Indian languages and can understand them reasonably: Tamil, Konkani, Malayalam, and Telugu.

About my life interests, during the pre-covid time, my life was proportionately distributed with outdoor activities. The activities helped me rejuvenate the most. I loved sports (swimming, playing table tennis), community service (joining hands in surrounding cleanups, being a helping hand towards woman empowerment programs, advocating to abolish urban untouchability, bringing learning facilities for the less privileged children), long drives and nature walk.

My academic qualifications kept multiplying post my secondary schooling. Once after I completed my Pre University Course in Commerce, I simultaneously joined the Compay Secretary Course and the degree program Bachelor of Commerce. Post which, I sensed the need of acquiring the ability to represent as an advocate in the court. I then joined the degree program Bachelor of Laws and cleared the All India Bar Examination. I was now, a Bachelor of Commerce, Associate Company Secretary, and a Law graduate with enrolled with Karnataka State Bar Council.

My professional work experience derives majorly from the academic qualifications, internships during my studies, and then the full-time employment at a corporate organisation in a manufacturing industry. All put together, I worked as an independent advocate, in-house counsel, company secretary, in-house legal head specialising in the field of corporate laws and secretarial compliances.

With these experiences, I moved forward to attain my post-graduation in Arbitration in Dispute Resolution. Amongst the 15+ foreign universities that I had applied to for the LLM, I received acceptance from 5 universities. I chose the last acceptance from the University of Hong Kong. The subjects I majored in were: Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and International Dispute Resolution. My LLM thesis was on Sports Arbitration and Mediation. Two of my university professors welcomed me to be a mentee and learn real-life practicals of mediation.

The years spent gaining and living all the above became my pro skillset to launch my independent practice as a Conflict Management Professional & a Private Mediator. I had realised my interests and passion upon which I would work to live. Then the boutique firm “Dialogue den” was founded and since then, every day is looking back to cherish the little footsteps to everything that makes me available in service of the society in the segment of my professional practice.

Academic Qualifications & Accreditations

Professional Services

  • Conflict Management, Private Mediation, Legal Drafting
  • 121 guidance in setting up Mediation Practice
  • 121 guidance in becoming Mediation Counsel
  • Mentorship for the International Mediation Competitions
  • Arbitration/ Mediation Training & Workshops

Current Roles


I am available for collaborations and talks, in-person and online.

If you want to chat about mediation, arbitration, collaborative dispute resolution, sustainable development goals, LLM in foreign universities, company secretarial topics, or anything else, you are welcome to reach out.

Languages known

  • English (Write/ Speak)
  • Hindi (Write/ Speak)
  • Kannada (Write/ Speak)
  • Gujarati (Write/ Speak)
  • Kutchi (Speak)
  • Marathi (Speak)
  • Cantonese (Survival)

“Then the boutique firm “Dialogue den” was founded and since then, every day is looking back to cherish the little footsteps to everything that makes me available in service of the society in the segment of my professional practice.”

Amee Dharamshi. (Relishing journey. 20 January 2022.)