It is by volunteering for society, we can grow better individually. I believe volunteer sharing of time, personal skills & professional knowledge brings opportunities for deep learning, networking, and a sense of fulfilment in itself. As of this date, I am happy to be volunteering with three global organisations, together with great people, which lets me gain real-life experiences.

In general, any circles, dialogues, co-creation on subjects: collaborative conflict resolution, collaborative leadership, peace, social sustainability, youth engagement, and gratitude – interests me as well as motivates me to contribute my time and energy to. 

Today, I contribute my with time for development of initiative and project with:

Global Project 01
Young Mediators Initiative

Young Mediators Initiative (YMI) was founded by Angela Herberholz and Emma Ewart Keir in the year 2010. I joined the YMI team in February 2019 as a Volunteer Intern and today, I continue to work together with the team as Operations Manager for YMI.

YMI offers young in experience mediators and mediation advocates  opportunities to gain experience in the field of mediation. The mission and vision of YMI is:

  • To connect newly trained mediators and mediation advocates worldwide and create a platform to exchange ideas and experiences, and
  • To facilitate interaction with experienced mediators who can offer experience-generation and learning opportunities. See “Worldwide Mediation Mentorship Programme“.

If you have any queries regarding acquiring your membership with YMI – you are welcome to email

Global Project 02
MasterPeace Global Organisation

MasterPeace is a young, positive, international peace movement. MasterPeace clubs are currently active in 40+ countries. Where we make a difference locally; on school, on the streets and in the neighbourhood. From Bangalore, Nairobi and Utrecht to Medellín. 

MasterPeace Karnataka club commenced in September of 2019. We are operating from city Bengaluru of state Karnataka. At MasterPeace Karnataka, we believe in sharing our personal skills, professional knowledge, subject expertise together with our valuable time to further co-create concepts, campaigns, and funding. We work to address our social concerns using soft power of music, art, sports and play through which we aim to mobilise young people to use their talents, skills and energy for peace-building: within self, within our relationships and with our environment at large. 

Whether you’re an aspiring change-maker or already running a well-established organisation, we are here to connect, learn and create peace together by co-creating concepts, campaigns and funding, Together.

Global Project 03
Art of Intergenerational Interaction (with The Hague Center)

The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence (THC) is co-creating UP convergence (Sep 11-21, 2020) leading to Peace weekend in partnership with Unity Earth and SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange). THC are initiating, designing, convening and facilitating in several ‘convergence rooms’ which are themed groupings of events running throughout the week.

Art of Intergenerational Interaction is one of the THC rooms in creation under Anne-Marie Voorhoeve ‘s guidance & together with an intergenerational core team participating from across the continents.