One of the thought from my silent week deserved this writing, on LinkedIn – the great world of the online professional community network – as we call. 

Firstly, speaking of the mighty year 2020. I see – One side of the world is gushing for webinars with online knowledge marketing like never before. One side of the world is starving in the offline life while cursing the economy. One side of the world mourns for their loved ones who lost to the virus. One side of the world was already in the middle of the pool of depression, now sees even lesser light to wake up tomorrow morning. One side of the world is talking of supporting and is only sharing reports in support of their talking. So much happening around us, as usual!

The year 2020 didn’t forget to pay me a personal visit. I lost the most precious person in my family. My learning is… I now know that no matter how much you prepare, no matter how perfectly you design your weekly business schedule – this beautiful nature will bring you its surprises in its ways on its own preferred time – for which you will never want to be ready. 

Same. I was not wanting to be ready. It paused my life. It paused my mind. I could have drowned, for not being able to keep up my professional status which was planned plus longed for in certain. (yes, I just uttered the word – status). But, my reader, isn’t this one way of going down to fall off the cliff to the pool of depression? Maybe. Maybe not. I am just saying. Off the stage, we ask to open up. On the stage, we name it a weak stomach. But I am also thinking, a doctor who treats cancer patients is no less vulnerable to cancer. 

It will be good to simply remember that no matter who you are, how kind you are, how strong you are, how much money you are, how much influence you are, you will still be vulnerable to nature’s surprises. That is ok, don’t worry. We all here for you, reader. Just write in and we are here to listen to you with all warmth we possess.

This post I am happy in my heart to be rich of my professional community and dedicate this post to thank all the precious beings who extended their warm help to me through my nature-brought-surprise-accepting-time. 

I am thinking… One can keep writing for what your mind is thinking and forget about the number of paragraphs you are typing because the mind never stops, know? That is also ok.

While I write again next time connecting the dots from what 2020 brought home to me – to my role as a mediation practitioner. Bye. If you wish to speak, just write in. We are here, in this, together. No shy.

hashtag being ok. hashtag pausing mind is ok. hashtag slowing is ok too.