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Me-dia-tion Vs Me-di-Ta-tion.

Are you practising as a mediator? have you ever been through this?

Mediation, Meditation, Pre-mediation counselling

(I am mindful of this not meaning that information on my own website is misleading, but this is what can happen when people in your circles are new to the concept of professional mediation services.

:). #mindfulness ok. me-di-Ta-tion has great role to play in a me-dia-tors’ daily life. #mentalhealthcare.)

Will I know the solutions to your conflicts? or Do we decide to take the take risks collaboratively?

Nobody knows the answers. You just do it. Sometimes. Often times.

Writing from the experience/ perspectives via:
– running a Private Mediation service business
– managing the Conflict process as a conflict counsel
– facilitating the Negotiation process in a commercial mediation

I don’t know the Solutions, too.
We will explore our Options.
We can generate Best, Worst, Possible Ideas.

Say yes to Collaborative Conflict Management environment.
Try out the Mediation process.

Take risks, we don’t know the answers, but the we can make process bearable/ enjoyable/ sailing through ease.