Psychologically, the environment in India is tense. Very tense. 

I am thinking how could one be able to concentrate on work – without feeling the pain for what the world around us is facing – has been a question in my mind.

If I accept, not being able to focus – this material professional world won’t shy to call me a naive mediator.

If I didn’t accept – I would drown in this little bit of guilt of not feeling bad for the world around me, or fancier word for this be – not being an empath.

In the middle of all of this, conversations & chat & dialogues keep the cornered hope alive.

2 things in a day, helped me keep my mind sane was: 
1. Volunteer with my group on (Intergenerational dialogue) discussions we are building for a better world ahead, and I must thank Anne-Marie VoorhoeveDr. Shweta Srivastav
2. Conduct detailed research on the role of Tribunal Secretary in the International Arbitration process, and I must thank Shanmuga Dev

The answer to living in this tense situation is, volunteer a bit of your time for people, share your time, learn a new subject, research a bit more of what you always wanted to learn, which brought me a sense of sharing, for humankind and caring, for self.  

Sharing strength to everyone in this. #pandemiclife