Sailing Past the Stormy Drain!

In a coastal town, there lived a skilled boatman. One day, he encountered an unusual stormy challenge. The serene atmosphere had transformed into a treacherous drain, symbolizing life’s twists and conflicts — thunder amidst a brewing storm.

He wondered if there was a compass.

Soon, life’s conflicts emerged as turbulent whirlpools, draining all the energy to look at the compass or to even think of a rowing strategy. Work clashed with personal commitments, family disputes raged, and financial worries loomed like hidden rocks amidst the stormy waters. Rowing harder would only leave him exhausted and stuck in the currents.

body of water
The storm of life, with no one waiting.

He thought, ‘If only the guidance of a conflict resolution expert was available. But how was the conflict resolution expert to reach in the middle of the storm?’ Of course, recognizing his weariness, the expert could have offered to teach him conflict-rowing skills and share with him some helpful tools. With these tools, he could learn to steer clear of conflicts, find smoother paths, while conserving his energy amidst life’s relentless storm — finding a right balance.

Imagine the need for a conflict resolution expert to also be an expert mediator, if there were other company in agreement with the boatman, now stuck in conflict, together. The mediator would have acted as a guiding hand, helping them synchronize their efforts and navigate the storming drain together. With the mediator’s assistance, conflicts among these individuals could have transformed into opportunities for teamwork, further illustrating the value of conflict resolution skills in life’s intricate and stormy waters. But how could this be achieved?”

Who would know, the answers.

Be with me.

While we are in conflict, The world doesn’t wait, does it?

person riding boat on body of water
The wait, while no one waits.

Caught in conflicts demanding our attention, the world moves relentlessly, showing no kindness for the battles we must fight within ourselves. As we encounter these challenges, a clear truth emerges: by the time you realize the clash and start to grasp its impact, nearly half of your energy has already been taken away. Psychical, Mental, Emotional– Energy.

Yet, life keeps moving, and with only 50% or whatever of your energy left, you are expected to carry on.

Life’s responsibilities don’t pause – work calls, rushed mornings demand your presence, familial duties await, and the daily routine persists. It becomes a delicate balancing act of concealing your inner struggles while using that dwindling energy to resolve the conflict that’s draining you. It’s a challenge that can be exhausting.

Rita, ensnared in a personal crisis that left no room or time for her recovery. She had to find the strength to step into her professional life with determination, seemingly unaffected by the turmoil within. Confident face with a breaking (not yet broken) heart.

Alex, burdened by workplace problems causing overwhelming stress. Their challenge, though different from the Rita, was no less demanding. They had to divide their energy, focusing on solving the work issue while managing their family responsibilities: wife demanding comforting attention, and children with examinations approaching. The boss was always approaching, with deadlines.

So, the question arises:

The answer, it seems, is to seek support – to understand that dealing with these conflicts alone is too big a task. This is where the wisdom of getting help from a professional in managing conflicts becomes clear. This is why personal strategies for planned energy use, like therapies and expert guidance, are being called.

orange life buoy on a ship
Self’s call for rescue.

In a world that doesn’t wait, the idea that “what must be done should be done” resonates deeply. It emphasizes the importance of addressing conflicts while recognizing that our energy is limited. Our energy is limited, no? We are encouraged to see that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of wisdom. Life’s challenges may not stop, but we have the ability to manage them – to use our energy thoughtfully and skillfully. Do we, really?

Whatever done, the discomforting truth is– life’s pace remains unchanged, only our approach can evolve. We can choose to accept that handling conflicts is not just our own struggle, but something we can face together. As we open ourselves to assistance and learn to manage our energy, we start walking a path of resilience – one that lets us face conflicts with a fuller heart and a clearer mind, as we continue our never-ending journey in a world that never stops.

Life doesn’t wait, but what must be done, must be done – and we possess the tools to do it right. We must seek the tools. You will seek the tools. And once you seek them, will them, and use them. But remember, alongside seeking the tools, seek support – for only you can help yourself. Only you can help yourself find the support you need.

As you set out on this journey of self-discovery and growth, take a moment to ponder these five simple self-reflection questions:

white and black anchor with chain at daytime
The anchoring help.

These questions could serve as your compass, guiding you toward self-empowerment and the balance we are talking about. By reflecting on them, go on to navigate life’s complexities with renewed strength, as you manage your personal life energy and seek the support that fuels your journey.

black and yellow stand on white paper
The compass of directional help.

Hints towards finding self-help tools:

Hints towards finding expert-assistance tools:

Well, haven’t we heard: ‘It will pass.’ But, while you are in the middle of passing, equip yourself.

man underwater with white yacht beside
Equip self, while no one waits. For, only you will help find your-self wait for yourself.