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Will I know the solutions to your conflicts? or Do we decide to take the take risks collaboratively?

Nobody knows the answers. You just do it. Sometimes. Often times.

Writing from the experience/ perspectives via:
– running a Private Mediation service business
– managing the Conflict process as a conflict counsel
– facilitating the Negotiation process in a commercial mediation

I don’t know the Solutions, too.
We will explore our Options.
We can generate Best, Worst, Possible Ideas.

Say yes to Collaborative Conflict Management environment.
Try out the Mediation process.

Take risks, we don’t know the answers, but the we can make process bearable/ enjoyable/ sailing through ease.

Days during the India’s second wave of covid.

Psychologically, the environment in India is tense. Very tense. 

I am thinking how could one be able to concentrate on work – without feeling the pain for what the world around us is facing – has been a question in my mind.

If I accept, not being able to focus – this material professional world won’t shy to call me a naive mediator.

If I didn’t accept – I would drown in this little bit of guilt of not feeling bad for the world around me, or fancier word for this be – not being an empath.

In the middle of all of this, conversations & chat & dialogues keep the cornered hope alive.

2 things in a day, helped me keep my mind sane was: 
1. Volunteer with my group on (Intergenerational dialogue) discussions we are building for a better world ahead, and I must thank Anne-Marie VoorhoeveDr. Shweta Srivastav
2. Conduct detailed research on the role of Tribunal Secretary in the International Arbitration process, and I must thank Shanmuga Dev

The answer to living in this tense situation is, volunteer a bit of your time for people, share your time, learn a new subject, research a bit more of what you always wanted to learn, which brought me a sense of sharing, for humankind and caring, for self.  

Sharing strength to everyone in this. #pandemiclife