I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Amee for about 3 times and the amount of learning I did during those meetings with her was humongous. My teammate and I were very grateful when Ms. Amee graciously agreed to train us for a virtual International Mediation Competition. Her expertise and insights to each level of preparation for the competition helped us a lot during the rounds where we had to encounter participants from various countries who follow varied mediation cultures. In the first few of our many meetings itself, Ms. Amee was able to study our team’s style of working and the level of coordination that my teammate and I had, which helped us in drafting a training schedule that was perfectly tailored for our team and our working style. She also catered the apposite kind of training that fits us yet not compromising her modus operandi and manner of training. We couldn’t have aced through the competition if not for her guidance and the hard work that she provoked us to put in. Yet again, I heartily thank her for the valuable sessions.

Suman Balaji R.V., Mediation Mentee for International Mediation Competition, 2020.